Kristen McCallum

Hi there! I'm Kristen and I'm a writer, producer and Founder of SafeWordSociety, a QTPOC+ owned & operated, visibility studio in Brooklyn, NY.



My work is produced through an unapologetic lens of being queer, black and woman. I am committed to creating space, visibility & cultural competency for LGBTQIA+ brown and black communities through the mechanisms of media. 

Here are some of the ways I can help your organization do that as well: 

  • Keynotes/Speeches
  • Creative Project Consulting
  • Workshop/Discussion Facilitation (Academia, etc.)
  • Event & Panel Hosting/Moderating
  • Non-Fiction/Fiction Article & Essay Writing

Have an idea in mind that you think I'd be a perfect fit for? Contact me.

The Work


SafeWordSociety X Veggie Mijas | The Visibility Pack Picnic



Receiving the Harvey Milk Alumnus Award, for making substantial contributions to social justice issues in her work and for community involvement, from her alma mater, University at Albany, SUNY.

Click here to watch her speech as the keynote speaker for the 2018 Lavender Celebration during commencement. 

"In this episode of Family Matters, we invited three members of the LGBTQ+ community to sit down with family members and talk candidly about coming out and how race and culture play a role in family dynamics. LGBT People Talk to Their Families About Coming Out | Family Matters | them."



What SafeWordSociety accomplishes and allows for is queer and trans people of color to control their own narratives; to talk about community specifics that are not only relevant but rare in other venues that treat QTPOCs as special interest groups to attend to every once in a while instead of a regular inherent point of focus.
— Trish Bendiz, Managing Editor of INTO
Kristen McCallum has emerged as a voice for QTPOC community through her podcast Safe Word Society an archivist of experiences, the people and the culture. Through her intellect, presence and curiosity she navigates the stories of those underrepresented with deep respect and humility ultimately creating greater visibility. She is a treasure to this community.
— Sontaia Briggs, Youth Advocate
Kristen McCallum has worked tirelessly over the last year to cultivate a brand and a community. The result? The SafeWordSociety, a podcast that’s changing the way queer and trans people of color view themselves, their peers, and their paths to success.
— TM Obscura, Writer


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